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Research on the Impact COVID had on CSEd PD

Hindsight 2020: The Impact of Covid 19 on Delivery of Computer Science Teacher Professional Development - NSF Award # 2039175

With the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic and subsequent US school closures in March of 2020, PD providers had to quickly spring into action to create summer PD options that were both professionally rich and safe for participants. Primarily, this has meant a rapid shift from in-person experiences to a range of approaches combining on- and off-line learning environments. This research project examined approaches to online PD and its impact on teachers will be documented and disseminated among PD providers.

SageFox team members involved: Rebecca Zarch, Stacey Sexton, Julie Smith (contracted) and Brianna Johnston

External partners: (Monica McGill); Center for Cyber Education at MS State U (Shelly Hollis); AIR (Melissa Rasberry and Erin Bogan); CRESST (Christine Ong)

Work Example:

The project produced a guidebook for PD providers thinking about switching to virtual PD or wanting to improve their virtual PD offerings and a Toolkit for evaluation CS PD for teachers

McGill, Monica M and Zarch, Rebecca and Sexton, Stacey and Smith, Julie M. and Ong, Christine and Rasberry, Melissa and Hollis, Shelly "Evaluating Computer Science Professional Development for Teachers in the United States" Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research , 2021


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