Why Work With Us

What can SageFox do for you?

SageFox specializes in both formative and summative program evaluation and research on educational projects. We can both help with the development of a grant proposal or come in as partners on an existing project. In both circumstances, we would work with you to develop a research or evaluation plan that is tailored to your project. This would include:

  • Co-development of a logic model to deeply understand the approach the project will take to realize its objectives and goals
  • Development or adaptation of instruments to measure the project objectives
  • Implementation of these tools, including surveys, tests, focus groups, interviews, classroom observations, etc.
  • Regular reporting of outcomes to your team and providing suggestions for increasing the effectiveness of the project
  • Helping your team think through the consequences of the evaluation or research
  • Supporting the reporting to the funding agency
  • Helping disseminate the results of your project

How does SageFox approach formative evaluation?

Our focus is on providing information that will help improve the project as it moves forward and makes important decisions about future growth. As such, we involve all major stakeholders in the information-gathering process and collaborate with project leadership to make sense of their feedback.

How does SageFox approach summative evaluation?

Summative evaluation is meant to provide an overview of whether and how your project has met its stated goals. Our focus is not only on providing information that tells you how well you have met the objectives of the project but also on trying to understand why you may not have met certain goals. As such, we prefer to collaborate with your team not only in gathering the summative data but also in interpreting what it means in the context of your project. SageFox’s collaborative approach and on-going communication means there are no surprises in summative reporting.

How does SageFox approach research?

We believe research should furthers the state of knowledge in the fields of education and evaluation while being of use to educational practitioners in developing and implementing projects. As such, we focus not only on the best way to answer a research question but also on how it may inform future projects in the field. We have performed research both as principal investigators on dedicated research grants and also closely collaborate in dissemination efforts following program evaluations.

How should I work with SageFox?

Although we can work with an existing project, we can be more valuable to you if we can be part of the team developing the initial grant proposal. We suggest that you contact us early enough that we can use our experience with other projects to help you frame your grant and ensure that the evaluation or research component is integrated well into the rest of the proposal. Once a grant is funded, our preferred relationship with our clients is one where we work very collaboratively and where the communication level is high enough that we can respond well to the project‘s changing needs.

How much will it cost?

Typically, an evaluator should cost about 10% of the overall project budget, depending on the nature of the work. For educational research, this proportion may be higher depending on what proportion of the project is based on research.