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SageFox is a lead research partner on several NSF projects.  All of our research efforts are based on values of collaboration, transparency and meaningful contribution to the education community.  Projects to date have focused on retrospective studies to uncover the long-term impacts of programs, aggregating knowledge across programs and/or states and understanding emerging needs in STEM education.  

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Partnering to Connect Research to Practice for the Improvement of Computer Science Education.


Using a Research-Practitioner Partnership approach to developing a shared evaluation and research agenda for CSforALL: RPPforCS is a National Science Foundation funded project.



This project will explore the legacy of ATE centers by investigating which ideas, innovations, knowledge and products developed by the center that continue to evolve and be used.


This project will ask ATE centers that have concluded over the last 10 years to provide an “epilogue” to their final report using a common reporting template, and to participate in a structured interview.



What does the Computer Science Education Research Community of the future look like?


How can institutions and national organizations work to build stronger pathways for CSEd Graduate Students?

We aim to assess the current experiences and barriers of CSEd graduate students and their advisers. 

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