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Educational Pathways with our Partners at UMBC

Project Name: Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating a Post-Transfer Pathways Program for Computing and Engineering Majors - Award#1626413

Key SageFox team members involved: Rebecca Zarch, Amanda Menier, Jordan Esiason

External partners: University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The Post-Transfer Pathways (PTP) program at UMBC was designed to ease the pathway between community colleges and the UMBC college of Engineering and Information Technology by a) creating a learning community of faculty and staff from partner community colleges and the four year institution b) developing a first-year experience course for transfer students and c) offering dedicated transfer advising that bridged student's experiences at the community college to UMBC. SageFox served as the evaluators of this project using surveys of the transfer community and student surveys, interviews and institutional data to understand the impact of the program on student retention, persistence and performance.

Work Examples:


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