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Computer Science as a Graduation Requirement: A Landscape Analysis Report and Webinar


In the Massachusetts Economic Growth and Relief Act (Chapter 268), the Legislature asked for a recommendation on a graduation requirement for a foundational CS course. In mid 2023, in order to understand the scope of such a requirement, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) commissioned SageFox Consulting Group and CSforMA, Inc. via a competitive RFR procurement process to conduct (1) a National Landscape Analysis Report and (2) a Recommendation Report for a foundational CS course requirement for high school graduation for the state of Massachusetts. The Landscape Report is designed to learn what it takes to make Computer Science (CS) a high school graduation requirement by examining states that are already implementing it. Much of this complexity can be attributed to policy levers that differ by state, critical funding strategies and the varying influencers of important advocacy approaches.

Click to read the full report:

Computer Science as a Graduation Requirement_ A Landscape Analysis Report - Final
Download PDF • 3.95MB


This video provides a short overview of the report. It is a condensed version (18 minutes) of a 90 minute webinar in which community members across Massachusetts were introduced to the report and had an opportunity to provide early reflections on the findings.

You can still still be part of it! We are currently scheduling 1-hour focus groups with others from across the state in which we will explore together the nuances of "what if..." Massachusetts had a high school CS graduation requirement. You can sign up for a focus group here.


If you would like to share your thoughts about including computer science as a high school graduation requirement now, please use this form:


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