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The RPPforCS project connects the teams through virtual meetings (webinars), in-person meetings, and meetings of the R-EWG. Here you will find information about the participating grant teams, project activities, and resources from the project.

Research Questions

The RPPforCS research questions were developed in consultation with the RPPforCS community.  Our current understanding of each question is reflected in a

brief write-up that summarizes what we’ve learned based on data collected from the RPPforCS community over the last three years.

Introduction to the Research Questions

What are the RPP-specific activities and partnership characteristics that shape the extent to which/ways in which RPPs meet their goals for quality CS education?

How do different RPPs define and design around different indicators of healthy RPPs and how do they evolve over time?

How do RPPs measure their effectiveness at affecting CS education and broadening participation?

What is the influence of RPPforCS on the grant-funded community and broader CS education community?

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