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Showcasing our Research through a Trans and Nonbinary Workshop

Trans and Nonbinary Computing Education Research (TNBCER)

NSF Award # 2233622

SageFox team members involved: Stacey Sexton, Amanda Menier, Rebecca Zarch, Brie Johnston

External partners: Jakita Owenby Thomas, Yolanda Rankin, Brianna Blaser, Wendy DuBow, Max Skorodinsky

Work Example:

The Trans and NonBinary Computing Education Research Workshop (TNB-CER) united a cross-disciplinary group to collaboratively design and deliver a virtual workshop culminating in the development of an intersectional policy, practices, and research agenda that includes transgender and nonbinary (TNB) students in BPC, BPE, and related initiatives. We collectively defined and explored the conceptual framework of Intersectionality, oriented to the existed work in CS Education centering Transgender and Nonbinary learners, created a nascent community of researchers committed to understanding shared experiences across marginalized populations, while continuing to recognize the unique contexts of each group. Our collective learning has begun to sketch out a framework for future inquiry and action to foster further interdisciplinary, intersectional research, policy advocacy, and practical action.


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