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How our ECEP Project Utilizes Data

Project Name: ECEP/ Common Metrics Project - Award# 2137834

The Common Metrics Project, offered under the Expanding Computing Education Pathways (ECEP) alliance works with cohorts of 6-7 states at a time to explore how data from the state department of education can be used in support of the state’s broadening participation in computing goals.

Key SageFox Team Members: Alan Peterfreund, Rebecca Zarch, Tyler Clark

External Partners: ECEP, Sarah Dunton (Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center/MIT) Jayce Warner (Gibson Consulting Group), Joshua Childs (University of Texas, Austin) Cameron McCann (University of Texas, Austin)

Work examples:

This collection of papers argues for the need for high quality, sustainable data to inform policy and practices around broadening participation in computing efforts. These efforts must be state-owned to ensure that the data accurately reflects the priorities of the vested partners in the state.

Image of brige highlighting data ultilzation. "ECEP Common Metrics"
Our work is centered around the philosophy that data utilization is a bridge which requires common enough definitions, a shared data collection approach, meaningful analysis, visualization that facilitates insights and sharing the evidence to inform state policy and practices.


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