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Changing of the Guard

This past August, we had three valued team members leave full time work at SageFox to explore new and exciting adventures. With those losses however, we have gained 2 new teammates!

After 15 amazing years at SageFox, Jeffrey Xavier, one of our project leaders, had an opportunity arise that he just couldn't say no to. While we were sad to see him go, we couldn't be happier for him in this new position that keeps him closer to home and pursuing the work he's most passionate about.

Jordan Esiason, our Data Maestro, has left full time work at SageFox to puruse his Graduate Degree. We miss seeing him all of the time, but we fully support his endeavor (and will continue to take any minutes we can get while we can!)

Phebe Palmer, a valuable member of the project support team, chose to move to the big city! She is immersing herself in city life and trying her hand at some different work.

Dr. Tyler Clark joins us as a Senior Data Analyst and Evaluator with a profound passion for research, evaluation, and education who joined Sage Fox in 2023. Her background in STEM education projects and extensive experience in various grant-funded initiatives make her an asset in the field. Read more about her here!

We are excited about the new experience Mike Chery-Winder will bring us as a Data Analyst. Mike has a masters in Physics and uses his passion for data beyond work by tracking his personal finances, health and time with detailed visualizations. You can read more about him here!


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