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For each invited project, we expect to reimburse 2 members of your team to attend this meeting.

You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements. 


We ask that you, as the lead PI, share this information with your project team and identify your representatives to attend the meeting. For RPP projects bringing 2 attendees, one teammate is required to be a K-14 based partner.  Included in your registration will be:

  • Registration to the full CSTA conference

  • Reimbursement for 2 nights of lodging at the negotiated rate of $185.94 (you will receive a link to the venue hotel upon completing registration — you are responsible for making your reservation.) 

  • Reimbursement travel to and from the event — flight, ground transportation, mileage, parking are all included (you are responsible for making your own travel arrangements.)

  • Meals not provided at the conference will be reimbursed at the per diem rate.  


Outside of the 2 reimbursed members, please consider using the provided travel support and/or project funding to arrive early and to bring one or more K–12 CS teachers and other practitioner partners to the PI meeting and CSTA Conference.  After April 1, there may be an opportunity to apply for additional funding to cover additional attendees. 

A Reimbursement Request Form will be made available here upon the completion of the conference. 


  • NSF will reimburse non-refundable economy class fare. 

  • Additional expenses incurred – such as baggage fees*, inflight wi-fi, inflight meals, or seat upgrades – are not reimbursed unless approved in advance. *Different airlines have different rules in regard to baggage. For most events, a carry-on bag is considered sufficient and will be reimbursed should the airline charge for a carry-on. 

  • Flights purchased with frequent flier miles or rewards programs will NOT be reimbursed.

  • NSF follows the Fly America Act (49 U.S.C. 40118), and all air travel is required to be through a “U.S. flag” air carrier service. You can find a complete list of certified U.S. flag air carriers here: U.S. flag air carriers

  • Receipts are required for all transportation. 

GROUND TRANSPORTATION: (Parking / Mileage / Tolls / Rental / Train / etc.)

  • The use of local public transportation is encouraged, including shared rides – shuttle/taxis/Ubers, trains and buses. Car services are generally not reimbursable and must be pre-approved. The expectation is that you utilize the most cost effective mode of transportation while at the event. 

  • If auto is chosen for long distance travel, documentation on comparative costs such as airfare, public transportation (i.e. train,) car rental, and mileage for the same travel is required. Without prior approval, the lesser cost regardless of chosen method will be reimbursed.

    • Mileage reimbursement for personal auto is at the federal mileage rate, which includes reimbursement for gas and other operating costs of the vehicle.

    • Reimbursement requests must include a map (for example a Google Map) showing route and miles driven. 

    • Parking and tolls will be reimbursed with receipts.

  • Receipts are required for all transportation. 


  • The negotiated rate for the 2024 CS for All PI Meeting is $185.94 (includes taxes and fees) at the Harrah's Las Vegas (you will receive a link to book at the group rate upon completing registration.)  

  • 2 nights at the negotiated rate will be reimbursed for a maximum of $371.88

  • Receipts must be provided for reimbursement of lodging for the CS for All PI Meeting. If sharing a room or some other unique arrangement is made (such as airbnb) NSF requires a copy of the total receipt and an explanation of reimbursement requested. 

  • If a standard rate has been negotiated for the event, that rate must be used, unless there are plausible mitigating circumstances and the non standard rate is pre-approved. Without pre-approval, NSF will only reimburse up to the negotiated rate. 


  • You will not be reimbursed for meals in lieu of the group meal, unless there are mitigating circumstances (late arrival, early departure, strict dietary need that has not been accommodated), and has been pre-approved.     

  • You will NOT be reimbursed for alcohol.

  • Meals will be reimbursed up to the per diem allotted for that meal

    • BREAKFAST: $16

    • LUNCH: $17

    • DINNER: $31

    • DAY OF TRAVEL: $51.75


This Meeting is Supported By:

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This work is supported by the National Science Foundation under award 2329377. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Copyright © 2023 - 2024 CS for All PI and Community Meeting at the Computer Science Teachers Association Meeting

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