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Graduate Student Research Projects - Initial Rollout

SageFox Consulting Group, the host organization for, is a small business in Massachusetts with the great fortune of having funding for our research and evaluation such that we all are able to stay fully employed in these difficult times. 

We are offering opportunities currently enrolled graduate students to work with us this summer. 

We are aware that many of you as graduate students are sharing in these challenging times with financial and career-related disruptions.  As such, we have developed a set of research projects that we invite you to consider collaborating on with us.  Each of the projects is scaled to be doable in a six to ten week period this summer.  Stipends will be paid ranging from $3000 to $5000.


We have kept the application process as simple as possible.  Fundamentally we want to know why this project is of interest, how you intend to work with us in addressing the project, and what capabilities and/or experience you bring to bear.  We are also asking that your graduate advisor signs off on your application as we want to ensure that they are aware of your time commitment.

Below is our first round of projects being offered. We will have more coming, but for now, 


  1. Review the requirements of the 4 projects listed

  2. Send any questions you might have to

  3. Complete the application form by June 1

  4. We hope to make decisions and allow projects to start by June 15

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