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ASEE Data Utilization Special Session
Minneapolis, June 2022
Resource Page

Materials Used in the Special Session:

2022 Equity Walk

a digital copy of the posters being shown in the room

Landscape Report

The “Landscape Report” is a tool developed in support of Engineering PLUS which assesses a region’s propensity to provide equitable pathways for engineering students using the CAPE framework

Presentation Slides

you can view the slide deck from the special session here

Participating Organizations:

SageFox Consulting Group

learn more about the team and various projects


a partnership of higher education institutions with engineering programs that have helped to populate a longitudinal database containing student record data


more information about the Alliance


resources produced by ASEE Department of Institutional Research and Analytics

Other Interesting Resources:

BPCnet Statistics

a set of data visualization tools readily available at the link provided. One such tool is the IPEDS Post-secondary Engineering Degrees tool, which allows for individual assessment of diversity in awarded degrees at particular institutions using comparisons at the state and national scale.

2021 Equity Walk

a previous Equity Walk created for the MA Department of Education

NSCES State Indicators

This visualization provided by NSCES gives an assessment of each US state which paints a picture of the workforce, industrial productivity, research, and education within the field of science and engineering.


shared metrics

PEERS Data Hub

formed in partnership between AERA and ICPSR. It serves as a collaborative space for education researchers and research communities to use wide ranging data and advance knowledge through sharing material with one another

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