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Joyce Wang


Lead Evaluator

Joyce is the newest addition to the SageFox team. She has 15 years of experience in higher education and brings her expertise in grant development and program implementation. Joyce has a deep-rooted passion for supporting marginalized communities and is dedicated to engaging individuals, especially students, in critical areas, such as identity, leadership, and career development. Joyce's professional background spans various institutions, including two-year colleges, public and private four-year universities, and community/non-profit organizations.

In her role as Lead Evaluator at SageFox, Joyce utilizes her knowledge in program management and data-driven decision-making. Her approach is firmly grounded in a commitment to addressing systemic social justice issues. Joyce fosters meaningful relationships and empowers teams to drive impactful change and growth.

Outside of work, Joyce enjoys bouldering, hiking, traveling the world to eat delicious food, binge-watching TV shows, having deep conversations about life, and spending time with her friends and family. Joyce is a proud graduate of Boston College (MA, Higher Education Administration) and the University at Buffalo (BA, Sociology).



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