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CIDER Strategy: Building Bridges

The systematic change that Engineering PLUS is trying to foster needs to be based on sound research, have a philosophy of being data driven, and ensure continuous improvement that comes from ongoing evaluation.

The CIDER team is organized in such a way that we think of ourselves as bridge builders. Bridges allow our work to be integrated into the systemic change work of the project and its partners.

Research is foundational and we’re driven by 3 basic questions:

RQ1: What role does evidence play in scaling the most promising engagement activities across the regional hub and the alliance overall?

RQ2: How do the social interactions and resultant networks affect scaling?

RQ3: What are the historic and operative frameworks of how gender, race and ethnicity, pathway opportunities and goal attainment are addressed?

Our work in data has a set of pillars that collectively support data utilization.

Successful evaluation needs to be responsive to the project as it evolves.

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