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GigCity CS4All

Jennifer Ellis

This RPP will develop a PreK-14 CS pathway that integrates ongoing initiatives and best practices already in place in districts across the nation. The project team will implement a small pilot of the program, refine the program, and create a scalable implementation plan that broadens the participation of underrepresented rural CS students.

Increasing Urban Youth Participation in Computing

Michael Lee

The primary goal of this project is to create a sustainable ecosystem of young programmers, mentors, and teachers in the city of Newark, NJ by engaging underrepresented and underserved middle school students and their parents, developing mentor-mentee relationships, and through teacher professional development.


Debbie Jackson

This RPP will build upon several NSF-supported efforts in Cleveland to develop pathways for students in CS and IT from high school to career, community college and/or four-year colleges and universities through a range of activities, including high school mathematics and CS courses, internships, and summer programs for students.

The Beauty and Joy of Computing

Kinnis Gosha

Morehouse College proposes to explore outcomes of a novel teacher professional development program that prepares in-service high school teachers to teach the Advance Placement Computer Science Principles course, the Beauty and Joy of Computing, with support from undergraduate computer science majors.

Universal Design for CS

Maya Israel

This RPP will develop and make available a range of professional development resources that will allow teachers to challenge their beliefs about students with disabilities and develop skills and knowledge about effective instructional approaches for accessible and engaging instruction for all their learners, including those with disabilities.

Jumpstarting Philadelphia CSforAll through an RPP

Jeffrey Popyack

The Jumpstarting Philly RPP aims to build upon the progress and efforts of CS4Philly and the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem CS Workgroup. The project will bring equitable, high-quality, and standards-aligned CS instruction to all Philadelphia students, and address the lack of equitable access to certified CS educators in Philadelphia high schools.

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