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Building Capacity in CS Education and Student Near Peer Classroom Mentorship

Clifford Freeman

Building Capacity in Computer Science Education and Student Near Peer Classroom Mentorship is an RPP collaboration that aims to increase the number of high school computer science teachers by designing, evaluating, and iterating on a professional development model that uses culturally relevant pedagogy and integration into mathematics classrooms.


Stacy Megan Che

Clemson University is broadening participation in computing in South Carolina by preparing computer science (CS) teachers to effectively use culturally responsive, inclusive pedagogies. This project will do so in part by developing an active RPP community of high school CS teachers and researchers.

An RPP focused on creating equitable CS opportunities for elementary students

Jeanne Century

The project will create curriculum units that incorporate science, social studies, and CS content and activities for preK-8 students. The module's design will be based on culturally-responsive pedagogy and Universal Design for Learning to address the needs of learners with disabilities and African-American and Hispanic youth.


Jane Margolis

The University of California Los Angeles, in collaboration with the University of Oregon, is working to assure that equity remains central to the growing Exploring Computer Science (ECS) program and larger CSforAll movement as school districts work to get CS teachers and curricula in place while scaling and sustaining the current ECS program.


Jodi Asbell-Clarke

The Computer Science for All movement focuses on providing all students, including those with special needs, with computational thinking and computer science learning opportunities. This project is a Researcher Practitioner Partnership (RPP) between Braintree Public Schools (BPS) and EdGE at TERC.


Cynthia Blitz

Rutgers University proposes a research practice partnership that brings together computer science educators, educational researchers, and industry partners to provide targeted, differentiated professional development and ongoing virtual support to high school computer science teachers and schools.