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Jeffrey Xavier


Project Leader

Jeffrey Xavier has been working in the evaluation field since 2009. His interest in evaluation began while studying Applied Sociology at UMass Boston. After receiving his Master of Arts in 2009, he and his wife moved to Western Massachusetts and he began working at SageFox. Since beginning his work here, he has been involved in the evaluation of a wide variety of projects, most of which were designed to engage BIPOC students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. His work has increasingly revolved around issues of developing common educational data metrics that preserve projects' focus on equity. Jeff’s evaluation work has also involved projects focused on teacher professional development and undergraduate academic support programs in STEM, with a significant focus in the area of broadening participation in computing fields. He has enjoyed employing his training in the social sciences to provide feedback that has both improved these programs and described their successes and, in some cases, contributed to the research literature. When not working for SageFox, Jeff enjoys a variety of hobbies, including running his wood burning stove, home improvement, repairing and maintaining various machines and attempting to fix just about anything that’s broken to avoid having to call in the “professionals”—all the while trying to keep up with his wife and two children.



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